OgreNewt or NxOgre?


22-01-2009 23:28:01

Hello, :)

i want to develop a First Person game with Python-Ogre.
The game will require physics for the player and many primitive boxes.
The physics-library should be very stable and fast for this use-cases.

I do not need fancy stuff like ragdolls, soft bodies, vehicles, cloth, fluid simulation, terrain...

I tried out the demos for OgreNewt and NxOgre with Python-Ogre.
The OgreNewt-demos worked fine.
All NxOgre-demos crashed. They are not up to date, to the current NxOgre version?
Is someone working with NxOgre and Python-Ogre?

Which are the advantages and disadvantages of both physics-librarys?
Which library would you recommend for my use-case?

Thank you very much for your answers, :)


24-01-2009 02:39:46

I'd suggest starting with OgreOde or OgreNewt as both are stable and have a good set of demos available...

Also you could look at PhysX as I personally believe it's the 'right' long term solution (great documentation, commercial support and backing and a usable license) -- however it doesn't support the Mac (yet) and is not 'integrated' with Ogre (yet).. NxOgre is under heavy development and I see that as a good mid term solution, however at the moment it's lacking in docs and demos...

OgreBullet is another option, again lacking documentation and demos, however the OgreBullet library is stable..

Bottom line is that you need to have a look at them all to determine which one suits your requirements best :)



24-01-2009 13:55:23

Thank you very much for your answer, Andy. :)
I will evaluate OgreOde and OgreNewt.


27-01-2009 09:48:35

PhysX is the best choice long-term, but as Andy said, nxOgre is far from stable.
I used PhysX in a C++ / Ogre project and have nothing but words of praise for it

The best compromise solution in my opinion is OgreNewt.