Python-Ogre 1.6.1 Available


28-01-2009 06:20:38

It's release time again with Python-Ogre 1.6.1 available [b]here[/b]

UPDATE: Also read this announcement for the latest version...

And yes, it's still huge (it's hitting 100Meg) due mainly to the included media files.

As always it's built with the latest underlying library code - however please note that I've removed a couple of modules in this release: OgreRefApp as it's not required (use OgreOde instead) and NxOgre as it's under heavy development and I want to wait for a more stable version to be released.

Modules included are:
* OGRE ( ogre.renderer.OGRE ) 1.6.1
* OIS ( ) 1.2 (from the CVS)
* CEGUI ( ogre.gui.CEGUI ) 0.6.1
* QuickGUI ( ogre.gui.QuickGUI ) r80
* betagui ( ogre.gui.betagui ) 2.0
* OgreAL ( ogre.sound.OgreAL ) r115
* ODE ( ogre.physics.ODE ) 0.10.1
* OgreOde ( ogre.physics.OgreOde ) r2497
* OgreNewt ( ogre.physics.OgreNewt ) r2429
* Opcode ( ogre.physics.Opcode ) 1.3
* bullet ( ogre.physics.bullet ) 2.70
* PhysX ( ogre.physics.PhysX ) 2.8.1
* OgreBulletC ( ogre.physics.OgreBulletC ) r2493
* OgreBulletD ( ogre.physics.OgreBulletD ) r2493
* theora ( ogre.addons.theora ) r2455
* plib ( ogre.addons.plib ) 1.8.4
* ogreforests ( ogre.addons.ogreforests ) r2615
* et ( ) 2.3.1
* caelum ( ogre.addons.caelum ) 0.4
* noise ( ogre.addons.noise ) r2486
* particleuniverse ( ogre.addons.particleuniverse ) 0.81
* cadunetree ( ogre.addons.cadunetree ) 0.6
* ogrepcz ( ogre.renderer.ogrepcz ) 1.6.1
* hydrax ( ogre.addons.hydrax ) 0.4
* hikari ( ogre.gui.hikari ) r23

Known problems:
* QuickGui demo need to be fixed as the underlying API has changed
* I forgot to include Dermont's Physx demo in the build :( - it's in the SVN and will be in any updates..

I haven't included the source 'lib' and 'header' files in this release as the Ogre build is completely standard (zero patching :))-- if anyone needs these let me know and I'll post them

Please use the [b]SourceForge Tracker [/b] to report any issues etc and we'll get to them asap.



28-01-2009 17:35:39

Thanks a lot andy!
downloading right now =D


28-01-2009 17:50:29

Sorry to ask,
but I just had an issue with OgreNewt and apparently this version has the functions I need:

I dont know if this is the one included in this update...
If maybe you could include it on the next update I would be even more grateful :D



18-02-2009 04:59:04

This release kicks ass!

Don't wanna be a spoiled brat here, but can we at some stage have Quaternion.__repr__()/__str__(), Vector3.__repr__()/__str__() functions back like in 1.4 versions?
I use "print vector; print quaternion" quite often in my unit tests and now they all output stuff like ''<ogre.renderer.OGRE._ogre_.Vector3 object at 0x050827E0>''. :oops:


18-04-2009 21:48:38


Great work, I must compare Python with C#/F# however OgreDotNet is not up to date.

Can't the Python Ogre 1.6.1 SWIG files be used in the OgreDotNet project as well?

Are the SWIG files and dll projects availble, if I want to change something to OgrePython?




19-04-2009 11:26:03

The current Python-Ogre implementation uses Py++/Boost.Python for the "wrapping" not SWIG so doesn't support C# etc..

This is something I'm looking at and have started a little proof of concept work to see if I can support SWIG wrappers as well -- this is still very much in POC stage however I should make some progress over the next few weeks..