I'm probably the biggest noob in to world but...


01-02-2009 23:27:19

...I have a few questions.

I have just recently finished learning the main parts of the Python language. I can 3d model decently, so I thought I would look for a 3d game engine to program in. Python-Ogre turned up in my search. Curious, I downloaded it and tried one of the tutorials. Problem is I have no clue if i'm suposed to do, or how to actually start up the engine. I'm not sure how easy it is to learn, but it looks promising and I want to make a graphically sound game.

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Ziro Skills


02-02-2009 02:06:29


Well. python-ogre is not a game engine. It just handles the 3D graphic.
There are a lot of pieces that can be used to create a game engine.

You'll need (at least) :
1) a physics engine such as ODE or Newt
2) CEGUI,or Hikari for showing buttons, menus etc.
3) Twisted or other kind of network handling.
4) Sounds...etc

You may try game engines that use ogre. Some free

Your best bet is here

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02-02-2009 12:17:31

Ogre is a 3d rendering engine, not a game engine, you have to combine it with other libraries (sound, physics, input, GUI, AI, etc...) to create your own game engine. One of the reasons I use python-ogre and not Ogre is because it comes with lots of libraries. It is also because I find having to compile each time you run the game much time consuming. As it comes with all these libraries I would say python-ogre is a game engine, only because you can make a game out of it. No necessity to bind other libraries to python (thanks to andy). skorpio please correct me if I am wrong :D

skorpio you are right, python-ogre is the python binding for Ogre, so its not a game engine,
but as it comes with other libraries, the whole package could be called a game engine
cya :D

I think you should first start with 2d, but its not required at all. As you already have modelling skills (hope they are not ZiroSkills :) ) a 3d game-engine shouldn't be too hard :)
I first familiarized myselft with many of the processes involved in the game creating pipeline - modeling, texturing, programming, soundfx creating, music composition, (still gotta try shaders - .cg and .glsl), though by doing this I can't be the best in all of them, but they give me background to understand what other users say.

python-ogre isn't the easiest game engine I've ever used, but I sticked with it because its based on Ogre, which has a beautiful architecture.
Hope you try python-ogre at least once, maybe after you've tried some other engines. We could use some more people in the community :wink:



05-02-2009 23:44:05

Thanks for the help :D. I guess I will try another engine and possibvly learn another language in addition to python before i attempt Ogre.