about plugins.cfg file


19-02-2009 01:27:46

Someone noticed the following error?

** Warning: Unable to locate a suitable plugins.cfg file.
** Warning: Please check your ogre installation and copy a
** Warning: working plugins.cfg file to the current directory.

Doing a tutorial I got that error... here is the code.. is a bit large...
import ogre.renderer.OGRE as ogre
import SampleFramework as sf

class TutorialApplication(sf.Application):
def _createScene(self):

sceneManager = self.sceneManager
sceneManager.ambientLight = (1, 1, 1)

ent1 = sceneManager.createEntity("Robot", "robot.mesh")
node1 = sceneManager.rootSceneNode.createChildSceneNode("RobotNode")

ent2 = sceneManager.createEntity("Robot2", "robot.mesh")
node2 = sceneManager.rootSceneNode.createChildSceneNode("RobotNode2", ogre.Vector3(50, 0, 0))

ent3 = sceneManager.createEntity("Robot3", "robot.mesh")
node3 = sceneManager.rootSceneNode.createChildSceneNode("RobotNode3", ogre.Vector3(100, 0, 0))

if __name__ == '__main__':
ta = TutorialApplication()


19-02-2009 03:45:28

Hi digimikeh. I'm pretty new to Python-Ogre too, but here's what worked for me. Grab a copy of the plugins.cfg from the folder WherePythonOgreIsInstalled/demos/ and copy it to the same folder as your python script. Open the plugins.cfg file in a text editor and change this line to point to where ever your python-ogre plugins folder is located:


Put in the full path to the plugins folder.

You could also copy the plugins folder from your python-ogre install folder to wherever your script is (so that it's a subfolder of the folder containing your script). If you do that, you can change the PluginFolder line to this and it should work:


As a 3rd option, you could move your script into the Python-Ogre demos folder, or a sub-folder of the demos folder.

Hope that helps.

- Joe G.


19-02-2009 14:17:55

Thanks man !... i'm going check...