Adaptation between Modeler and Engine


21-02-2009 13:37:49

Hi there...

How could i make this? :

I'm using Blender 2.48a to model the scenes, objects, player, and everything, and just coding in python-ogre importing all meshes....

But I have a dude right now... If python supports meshes, ok,, i don't have troubles exporting from Blender the Ogre Meshes with plugin, then i converted with XMLConverter, no problem.. The dilemma is when i want to import a mesh in ogre. How could i do ?

1) In Blender, select all the object and join them (Ctrl+J), that will form only one big mesh, i put mesh name as scene name and then export it, convert it and import from ogre code....


2) Export every object separately, creating one file.mesh per object, and the import everyone one per time in ogre code.

The problem in Nº 1, is the lights, i think, some object cast shadows and others not, but we did a one big mesh, so... it is possible to separate them in the code?...

The Nº 2 has the difficulty of positioning every objects in their right place just looking like Blender, because all imported objects from Ogre code are centered to (0 , 0 , 0) coordinates... okey.. is easy to move them, but to get precise location of every object like in Blender was posted will take a very long time to set......

There must be a method to make easier this... how do you make ?
Thanks Friends...


21-02-2009 13:52:09

export the meshes as you are doing and then export the scene using the dotscene exporter (think you have to click the invert 'y' axis to make it work well)..

then use the dotscene importer and it all works..

Check out demos/ogre/ (it's in the SVN)..



21-02-2009 16:17:11

So, i must to export every meshes separately, okey, and scene apart, so that means the scene does not contain all objects, just the information of everything.... right?

I recently downloaded a plugin "", copied to plugins´s Blender folder, now i´m going to export scene.

And you mean inverting "Y" axis from every meshes.. well i´ll do it..

Thanks Andy