Creating from Engine or Modeler?


22-02-2009 01:29:47

Hello everyone..

I´m learning to create lights en Python-ogre, but my dude this time is the follow..:

Since i'm a designer, i have done a complete scenery created in Blender, this include lights, cameras, etc.. etc..

1) If I export the scene and meshes, then import from Ogre, do I must even create a camera and lights?, even if they are already created from Blender..?

2) There are a FPS variation between using "Blender's meshes/materials" and "Generated by Ogre meshes" ? or is the same thing, both will use the same quantity of memory?

This because, for me, is easier to make all in Blender instead creating new lights and cameras writing scripts..
Is easier to me just do everything in modeler, then export and write scripts specifically to guide player goals and set animations only for this. But if cameras and light aren't importable, no matter, will be funny to create cameras and light with scripts...

Excuse me for many questions, and Thanks ..


22-02-2009 22:12:27

after some testings... i concluded that FPS are the same, speed does not slow down with Blender Meshes... maybe because meshes are compiled... i think...