Do i must import dotscene module or?..


25-02-2009 19:11:44

Hello .. !

Well, i looked the Demo found in /demo/ogre/ but really i dont understand how's the correct form to import my scene in ogre.. no matter lights, for now only want to put my objects in correct position...

Looked into, found various things, but i dont understand if i must to change them or this is a module like SampleFramework... in that case do I must import from my module? writing : "import dotscene" ?, and where to put the XML Scene file, what folder correspond to the file.?,

Thank you.!


26-02-2009 02:28:09

Did you look at ???


26-02-2009 13:16:33

oh now you mention it..
. does not exist in /media/ogre/ folder....there is only ...
i'm going to search it out the internet