New to Python-Ogre


01-03-2009 15:15:23

Hi Everybody,

I am new to the Python-Ogre community, I did 3 tutorials and in fact is easier to program Ogre with python than with C++. My question is: Does anyone know where can I find a tutorial on how to do even a simple game using pyhton - ogre, how to integrate the modules of physic, collisions etc, thus I can have an idea how to program a game from scratch using Python-Ogre, currently I am using Panda 3D and I liked it very much, but it seems tha Panda is not so fast as Ogre is, and the samples using shaders run very slow, but at other hand Panda is easier to learn than Ogre I think.


02-03-2009 19:19:56

Is there anyone there?


03-03-2009 00:34:07

Suggest you start with the included demos and then you can perhaps look at pathman (look on sourceforge) depending on what type of game you are wishing to create..