The camera and viewing..


02-03-2009 18:38:33


is there some attribute for camera to fix lens? for example:

This is OGRE's camera:

and this is Blender's camera:

Easily you can note difference, Blender's camera lens is less than Ogre...


03-03-2009 21:34:07

The camera in blender has a wider Field Of View, and yes you can do the same in ogre

The API reference ( ) lists camera as having a setFOVy method: ogre.Radian( 1.6 ) )

I have not tried it myself so cant guarantee it will work. Heres a good general tip though, if you open a python shell window ( or IDLE shell window ), import ogre and do dir(ogre.Camera)
you will see a list of all methods and properties of that object. Instead of trawling through the API reference, python lets you quickly search a class for what you want for example:

>>import ogre.renderer.OGRE as ogre

>># Want to find out if the camera has any props or methods to do with FOV
>>results = [ x for x in dir( ogre.Camera ) if "fov" in x.lower() ]
>>print results

['FOVy', 'fOVy', 'getFOVy', 'setFOVy']

good luck :)


04-03-2009 13:43:34

All clear now, 1.6 is exactly like Blender's lens 17.00 ...

Now viewing is more credible..

Thank you very much for that explaining !. :o