running on a different machine


05-03-2009 18:40:49


I will be running a program I have written in python-ogre on a different machine than the one that I developed on. I am wondering what I need to do to make sure that my program can find all of my media normally. In the past I have had problems with my .MESH files looking into the directory which they were originally exported (i.e if i exported on a different machine, my trace back error message would say it could not find the mesh files at C:\OtherMachine\python-ogre\media\

I am trying to avoid haing to re export on this new machine.

any suggestions?


06-03-2009 02:46:54

You should make all paths to your assets relative and not absolute, so when you copy your folder with your python program it may find all the files within it.
i.e. "./media/models"

But more important than this is having all the required python-ogre libraries installed on the other system for your program to run, if any of them is missing it won't even start. I was trying out py2exe which turns your python program into an executable and creates a folder "dist" with all the required dlls in it but you have to add the cfg files, the plugins folder and your media folder. It's a bit tricky but I think it works in the end. I still have to try an output "dist" folder on another machine to see if it runs.

Anyway, being able to run on another system is crucial, but it seems it is no easy task :(