CEGUI and cursor release while reaching border


07-03-2009 23:38:49


I've made great progress thanks to the wiki!
Now I me telling me that if i add a gui inside my rendering screen it would me more easier... Here are my questions before to choose CEGUI as my default gui:

- First, when CEGUI is enabled in the demo, the cursor is blocked inside the window. If my mouse reach the border, i can can have my mouse be realesed by the app to go click on anothe app.
Is there some workaround to make my window loose focus when cursor reach border?

-Secondly, without CEGUI i've seen that if I select another window with alt+tab, the Ogre window stop rendering :(. Is there a way to force it rendering while not having focus?
Do I miss something?

Thx for any help!