I think found what should be the origin of my problem..


21-03-2009 03:19:15

I looked why spotlight does not have the light diameter.... really its have it.... but you will notice the problem with this two images... :

This first one .... do you see those huge green fits?,

ok, those big fits is the ninja mesh, (not scaled), it is in its original dimension !!!... so.. i can figure that my mansion is really tiny....

He is crushing it !...

You can see the spotlight is correctly installed, but mansion receives all the light due to the size...
But in blender size looks well.... so i can suspect that exporter must be fixed....

What do you thing??


23-03-2009 10:56:22

This is because you need to decide on what scale units you want to use ( 1 unit = 1m, or 1 unit = 1cm, or 1 unit = 1 mile etc.. ). The Ninja mesh is done on a much smaller scale ( eg 1 unit = 1 cm ) whereas the mesh from blender is on a larger scale ( perhaps 1 unit = 1m ).

The solution is to scale up the blender mesh, either in blender or in ogre. The best thing to do is to make a base model in blender ( typically a human ) and export that to ogre. Try to make the model roughly correspond to real world units, ( ie it should be roughly 2, 20, or 200 blender units in height ). Then, when you are happy with the size, make all your other models relative to the base model, so they will all have the same base scale.

Its not a problem with the exporter, its just a question of scale. Getting the right scale is important, and you need to think about it carefully before you get started. For instance, if you have a space simulator where you can travel between realistic galaxies, then you should not try to simulate the world down to 1cm, it will be too small. In that case you would make your human model 2 / 20 blender units tall. Conversely, if everything happens in your game in one room, then you will want to simulate down to 1cm ( or smaller ), but you will not need anything that is say 100 miles long, so in that case your human model would be 200 ( or 2000 ) blender units.


25-03-2009 15:01:45


Well, i scaled entire scene meshes but the meshes seems to be scaled a little only in ogre, e.x. : i scale in blender 10X (X,Y,Z), in ogre seems to be scaled just 3 or 4X, the problem is that if i scale too much in blender, its exits unexpected... maybe blender is not able to scale too much.. when i scale all the scene, i attempt to increase the camera's clip to see far..

but don't worry...i'm looking for a new technique now, do you know if its possible to export blender's spotlight into ogre?.