Boost.Python Source?


23-03-2009 19:00:17

Hey guys!

Firstly, I'd like to say, excellent work on Python-Ogre! You guys have made not just Ogre, but many other useful libraries useable from Python.

However, my question isn't regarding Python-Ogre directly. I'm, as of now, working on the Python scripting integration part of my little engine, and now that the 'system' is working, I have to expose the usual Ogre data classes to Python. Basically, Vector3, Quaternion, ColourValue etc., not complex things, only things required to store data and communicate with the C++ 'core'. I plan to control the high-level stuff of my engine, not do the actual Ogre stuff, from script.

I'm a pretty lazy guy, so I decided too download the Python-Ogre source and check it out. :P But I couldn't really find the actual boost.python stuff. Am I supposed to run py++ on something? Is it somewhere deep down and I haven't found it?


04-04-2009 16:32:06

I'd like to echo what nikki said. I also have Python embedded as a core part of my engine, but am not using Ogre-Python. I have currently wrapped some of the basic Ogre components manually, but am looking at switching to Py++ generation for my binding code. If there is code already written to do this for the various Ogre components, I'd be very interested in knowing about it.


04-04-2009 16:35:29

You need to follow the wiki instructions on how to build Python-Ogre -- basically to the point where you run the "generate code" part (either with -g on the command or directly running generate_code from the code_generators/ogre directory)..

This will give you a set of source files (lots of them :) ) in the generated/ogre_1.6.1 directory that you can then use as you want in your apps..



04-04-2009 16:58:18

Thanks very much!