multiple collisions


24-03-2009 22:23:04

How to manage multiple collisions?

To be more especific i´ve a character who´s make punchs, kicks and so on. The basic bounding box is not enough. I need put a bounding box in especific parts of character (hand, foot, ...).

How to make it?


25-03-2009 08:55:39

This is non-trivial to do unfortunately. You will need to create a bunch of meshes ( they can be boxes ) and attach them to bones on your model. Next you'll need to integrate a physics engine ( like OgreNewt which is already in python-ogre ), and attach collision listeners to the boxes to find out what has been hit by what.

A good place to start would be to look at the ragdoll demo in the ODE folder, though it is pretty complex. If you dont already have a good understanding of Python-Ogre / 3D / Physics in general, then start with something simpler before tackling ragdolls.

Here is a link dealing with an OgreNewt character model that may help you get started ( and give you an idea of how complex it can get ... )

good luck :)


25-03-2009 16:16:16

Hi bharling

All right ... i´m on work them :D
thanks for help