Position information in spacework...


29-03-2009 02:02:45


It is possible to make the render window draw a little information on the screen saying the camera's actual position...

For example : this is how game starts, note the camera's position is wrong....


And this is the correct orientation...

while window render appear on the screen, we are able to move it with mouse buttons and wheel... the question is if i move the camera in game and adjust to fit image 2, how can i know the exact coordinates of that position to put in code?.
so, when start the next time, will be like instantly like image 2...

Thank you..


29-03-2009 20:34:20

lots of ways to do this, the simplest way is to just print the camera position in the framelistener on frameStarted, or bind a key in the framelistener:

def _processUnbufferedKeyInput(self, frameEvent):
if self.Keyboard.isKeyDown(OIS.KC_K) and self.timeUntilNextToggle <= 0:
print self.camera.getPosition()
self.timeUntilNextToggle = 1.0
return sf.FrameListener._processUnbufferedKeyInput(self, frameEvent)

Or create your own debug overlay ( or modify the default one )


29-03-2009 22:43:53

I see... the code works fine.. that way is easiest.

thanks !