how to run python-ogre sample py files on Windows Vista


17-04-2009 04:25:27


I am a newbie for python ogre.

After insatllation of python and python-ogre, I try to run python ogre sample using command line

python c:\PythonOgre\demos\ogre\

there is a black screen displayed and disappeared, then nothing happens.

What is wrong?




17-04-2009 08:44:22

The samples should run fine on vista, even if you just double-click the py files in explorer, provided you have python installed of course..

try actually opening a command prompt window, and typing:

cd PythonOgre\demos\ogre

You should then at least be able to see the results ( ie: it will tell you about any errors ). Alternatively, use an IDE and run the py files from within that ( IDLE that comes with python will work, or SPE or EasyEclipse for python, just google them )