Demos Don't run [Solved]


22-04-2009 19:13:46

I downloaded and installed the windows binary for python-ogre.
Ran the python install through command line. As stated in the faq on the wiki under the heading "DLL Missing Error without the DLL name" which is the error i do get.
Python 2.6 installed.
Windows XP

After some searching I discovered I could get the Dependency Walker, opened " _cegui_.pyd " with it and was missing a few dlls.
Found most of them in other places. One only found on my system in Inkscape directory, opensource vector graphics, another only found in Scortched3d directory, opensource game.

Still missing " MSJAVA.DLL " cannot find anywhere on my system, no longer available from microsoft. Cannot find for download anywhere, just run a google search for it and you'll see the spam sites it pops up with.

Anyone know what my problem is? Will the MSJAVA.dll make it work? And where can i get it?


23-04-2009 08:49:01

did you install the microsoft VC redistributable package? that could help. I've never heard of 'MSJAVA.dll' though.

Can I recommend that you uninstall python-ogre, then re-install just using the stable release ( exe ). If you're not updating it with one of the zipped releases then you do not need to do 'python install'. I guess you'll need to install python 2.5 for now, but you can have both 2.5 and 2.6 on the same system without too much headache I hear...


23-04-2009 16:36:26

They run now, I think it has to do with python 2.5. I did have the microsoft VC redistributable package installed. Tried even reinstalling with the stable release again and each time it said it could not find pyhton installed and told me after setup to run python install. After uninstalling python ogre then installing python 2.5 and reinstalling ogre, no more cannot find python error and demos run fine as advertised. Thanks, I had thought using a future version of python would not be a problem.