This is for peoples that has been tried others engines..


05-05-2009 23:41:26


I'm new to Python-Ogre, i´m learning python as well... but i want to know what is the difficulty level of python-ogre cause of i´m not a programmer, just starting, Panda 3D is relativelly easy (that i was read in some forums), but i want to know if python ogre is so easy than panda, i dont understand why one is hardest than other if both use python...

I was studying the basic tutorials (two first) and sincerelly i found similar skills than panda, nothing extrematelly easy and hard.

Well, here my last interrogant before start, is python-ogre full integrated with API reference?

Thank you !


07-05-2009 09:52:16

Yeah, it does have a good API reference though not everything is fully documented because there are a LOT of modules included with Python-Ogre ( like physics, video playback etc ) that you don't get with the standard OGRE sdk.

You can use the python-ogre documentation or the C++ API reference which has more explanations and comments. There are also several good tutorials on the wiki, and you can easily translate C++ ogre code into python-ogre as 99% of the functions use the same format.

I use it nearly all the time both for hobby and for commercial work with no complaints at all :)


07-05-2009 15:10:54

Excellent !!!, i getting started thank you man!